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Do You Need Handyman Services in Lansing, Michigan?

If you need help with handyman services in Lansing, Michigan, we can help.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the help you need in Lansing, Michigan for the small repair projects.  Larger contractors in Lansing do not want to take the time to complete small half-day or even one day projects.  Most contractors want to remodel your kitchen, or finish your basement, or maybe remodel a bathroom.  Those are large projects that take more time.  That’s all fine and well when those projects are required.  But where do you go for the little stuff in the Lansing, Michigan area?

That’s where Lansing Handyman Services comes in.  We don’t do the big stuff–only the little things.  We are happy to help you fix the squeaky doors, broken hinges, install light fixtures, fix minor plumbing leaks and more.  But we won’t re-roof your house or change out all your windows! No job is too small for Lansing Handyman Service.

We invite you to explore our website and think about the handyman services you need.  Whether you see the service you need listed or not, give us a call.  There are lots of services  we offer that are not even listed on the website.  So simply reach out to Lansing Handyman Services and ask about the service you are interested in.  We will let you know whether we can assist with that service or not.

Shown below are a few examples of the kind of stuff we’ve done.

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This Is What We Do:

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(We Call it “Customer Service”)

How We Work

One of the things we have learned over time is that expectations are important–to both you and us.  Our goal is to set the proper expectation up front and then meet it.  It’s important to us to let you know how we charge–with our rates–and make sure you are agreeable to those rates.  We accept cash, check and most credit cards.  

Our rates are competitive with similar businesses in the area.  When you first contact us either by phone, text or email, to tell us what you need help with, we will share our rates with you.  We have a minimum charge which covers the first hour and a half.  After that, Lansing Handyman Service charges by the project hour at competitive rates.

First, we ask whether our rates are in your budget or not.  This helps us both decide if we are the right match for your project.  Next we schedule a time to come by and “see” what is needed.  Then we will send you a written estimate.  Once the estimate is approved, we schedule the work to be completed.  Scheduling can be anywhere from 3-5 weeks in the cold months of the year to 6-8 weeks in the warm months.  We are always busy and cannot respond within 24 hours.  We are not geared for emergencies.  That’s why we plan and schedule.  


Stuff We Do…

When describing what we do, there are some key words that come to mind. The first is “minor.”  The second is “repair.”  That means that most of our projects are completed in a few hours–a day at the most.  For example, we may replace one piece of siding on your home, but we do not re-side the entire home.  The same applies to other elements of the home. Although we have the capability to complete larger scale projects, we choose not to in order to focus on the smaller tasks that the larger contractors do not want to take the time for.  That helps both you and us with a more predictable schedule.  Here are a few examples of what we do:



Grab bars

Siding repairs

Minor drywall repairs

Install doors


Replace outlets

Replace Faucets

Install Microwaves

Assembled Furniture

Chain Link Repairs

Small Window Replacement

Install Shelving

Repair Thresholds

Replace Light Fixtures


Fill Driveway Cracks

Shed Repairs

Small exhaust fans

Minor fence repairs


Tub Cut-Outs

Paint Touch-Ups


…And Stuff We Don’t Do

Some things we don’t do.  There are several reasons for this.  One is that we are not good at everything and don’t have the tools for specialized work.  Second, we  admit that there are some things that we just don’t want to do–like work really high off the ground! (That means above the first story.)  Third, we are not licensed to do other things, like electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more.

Also, we do NOT service Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers, Residential Rental properties or Commercial properties.  Because of our scheduling constraints we just cannot be responsive to the needs of landlords and commercial folks. 

  Here’s a short list of some things we don’t do:

  • Roofing & Roofing Repairs
  • Flooring Repairs
  • Drywall finishing 
  • Window Replacement
  • Remodel Kitchens

  • Install New Fences
  • Install New Electrical Circuits
  • Install new Plumbing
  • Repair siding above first floor
  • Remodel Bathrooms
  • Paint Whole Rooms
  • Paint Whole Houses
  • Install gutters
  • Clean gutters above first floor
  • Additions to Homes

Below Are Some Examples

Of Past Projects  

Fascia Repairs

Grab Bars

Shed Repairs

Steps Rebuilt

Squirrel Damage

Pet Entrance

Stop Moisture

Jamb Repair

Lansing Handyman

Display Cases Installed

Color Added

Faucet Repairs

Plumbing Repair

Bay Window 

New Mail Box

Fence Repairs

New Shed Roof

Chain Link

Kitchen Exhaust

Driveway Cracks

Close Attic Access

Ceiling Access Door

Shed Repairs

Fence Repairs

Aging In Place

Chain Link Access!

Installed Microwave

Eliminate A Front Door

Easy Fence Repair

Added Privacy 

Safer Entries

Nice Privacy Screen with Planter

Simple Low Cost Railing

Lansing Handyman Service

Add A Nice Railing

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The good news is that I am responsive.  I review all the requests at the end of the day.  Everyone gets some kind of response.  If the work is not something I do, I will let you know quickly by email.  If it fits what I do, I will schedule an estimate on a Saturday to give you an estimate.  

Once you submit the form, be sure to review the response on the “Thank You” page and/or the return email on “How We Work.”

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