Thank You!

No Harm Done, In Saying “No”



It’s OK To Say “No!”



No Worrries!  No Problem!

We understand that not everyone is willing to pay our rates.  Lansing Handyman Service LLC is a very reliable handyman service in Lansing, Michigan with an excellent reputation and terrific service.  We are insured!  We do things right and follow all of the state’s laws and guidelines.  All of those things cost money and are included in a thing called overhead.  Overhead is the additional costs just to be/stay in business.

Some folks are willing to work with contractors who are uninsured and lower hourly rates.  Those contractors may or may not have experience or know what they are doing.  They may not be following the law.

When you work with uninsured contractors, you do so at your own risk.  State law says that if their is an accident on site during the work, the homeowner is ultimately responsible for the health and care of the worker.  The reason is that the homeowner is what the state calls the general contractor.  If you are willing to accept that risk, it is your choice.  And, we respect that!

If you change your mind…No worries.

Just call us at:  517-599-8154.