Terms And Conditions


Lansing Handyman Service LLC charges a base rate for a service call.  The base rate provides for 1.5 hours of service to the customer.  After the first 1.5 hours of service, an hourly rate applies and is billed in quarter hour increments.  We are happy to provide the specific rates when customers contact us to discuss the rates.

All Pricing is provided in the form of written estimates and are good for thirty days, for the services outlined in the estimate.

Estimates are estimates.  At the completion of the work, the actual amount invoiced may be more or less.  The final amount is determined by the technician who completes the work.


Upon acceptance of written estimates by the customer, Lansing Handyman Service LLC will provide the services listed on the estimate.  Once the work is complete, the customer is expected and obligated to pay the amount due, based on the provided estimates and pricing outlined in the terms of service.  Payment is expected upon completion.

Lansing Handyman Services LLC mainly provides minor home repair services that can be completed in one day or less.


Payment to the handyman service is due upon completion of the service.  We accept cash, check and credit card.


Any materials supplied are warranted according to the manufacturer’s warranty on those products;  Labor provided by the handyman service is warranted for three months and is limited to the amount of the cost of the service provided. Defects in labor and workmanship found during the warranty period shall be corrected at the handyman service’s expense.


Customer agrees to provide liability and property insurance to protect against loss or damage due to theft, fire, vandalism and force majeure on their own property. The Lansing Handyman Service LLC  agrees to provide liability insurance to protect the homeowner against negligence while delivering services.

Dispute Resolution

Customer and handyman service agree to make reasonable efforts to resolve disputes between themselves.  If agreement cannot be reached, both parties agree to resolve the issue through an arbitration service.

Service Limitations

All services are limited to what is described in the Estimate and/or the Work Order provided to the customer.  Any additional services not described in the Estimate and/or the Work Order will be provided at an additional cost, to be pre-approved by the customer, either in a new Work Order or an additional Estimate.

Governing Law

The Lansing Handyman LLC service provided under the Terms and Conditions described here shall be governed by the laws of the state of Michigan.


Once customer approves the provided Estimate and/or Work Order either by clicking an approval link, verbally, by written consent by email, or by text, the Customer is thereby agreeing to the Terms And Conditions rates and pricing outlined here.