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PLEASE, BE SURE to Read the following–completely:


This is general information about “How I Work.”  It should help you determine if you want to continue to the next step and receive an estimate.



I have a minimum of $212.  This provides approximately 1 ½ hours of service.  Most work and projects are based on a printed estimate that I provide ahead of time.  A half day project can average $300 – $400 for labor alone.  Parts and materials are always in addition at cost.  I do not mark up the parts.  A full day can average $600 – $700 for labor alone.

If these rates are in your budget, then you should consider getting an estimate. If these rates are not in your budget, then you will be wasting your time and mine by asking for an estimate.  I provide this information up front to give you some idea of what your repair might cost.



I am a licensed builder, which means the state looks over my shoulder for a certain level of quality and meeting building standards.  I have liability insurance and work comp which means you are protected from bad things that could happen on your property related to my service.



I make estimate visits on Saturdays.  These visits are not always every Saturday, but they are on most Saturdays throughout the year.  When I am very busy, which is often, the schedule for Saturday visits can be full for several Saturdays in a row.  When you let me know that you want an estimate, I add your name to the next available Saturday.  Then, I will text you the night before that visit and give you an approximate window of time when I will come by.  After my visit on that Saturday, I email and text you the estimate.  You must click on the link to accept it.  Once it is accepted, it gets scheduled.



Your acceptance of an estimate triggers the creation of a Work Order.  The Work Order is then scheduled.  Work Orders are scheduled anywhere from 2-4 weeks out in the colder months of the year and 6-8 weeks out in the warmer months. I do not provide emergency services.  I am not geared for it.


Area & Type Of Service

All of this assumes you live in the Lansing region.  Generally, I travel from St. Johns to Potterville and from Grand Ledge to Williamston.  I do not go to Charlotte or Portland.  I only service owner-occupied residential properties.  I do not service rental units or commercial properties.



You can read my reviews on Facebook at:


And on Google at:  https://tinyurl.com/2etzrsnm


Next Steps

Patience is the key word here.  I am self-employed with no employees and very popular with my customers.  If you are Ok with everything you have read this far and want to take the next step for an estimate, you need to text me three things:  1) your name, 2) your address and 3) a cell number that I can text to.  I will confirm with receipt within a day or two, and let you know the Saturday date when I can visit for the estimate. The Saturday visits are usually in the morning hours.

More Questions?  It is best to e-mail me: Doug@LansingHandyman.com


My cell number to text to is:  517-599-8154


(By the way, it is difficult to get me on the phone if you call.  I do not keep my phone with me throughout the day while I am working.  If I answered every call I would not get any work done.  Initially, texting and email is best until there is a need for further conversation.  However, I do attempt to return all calls at the end of the day, if it is critical.)


One last note… There are other “handymen” that use the words Lansing and Handyman in their names and advertising.  I am Lansing Handyman Services LLC found at LansingHandyman.com.   Make sure you know who you are working with.


Text me if you want to take the next step…


If you decide not to move forward, that’s OK.    There is no harm done and we will not contact you in the future.