Where We Came From

Doug started swinging a hammer at the tender age of 10. His dad was a contractor and had a habit of tearing out walls to keep expanding their home when Doug was a kid. Doug and his two brothers (one older and one younger) were always given the assignment to remove the nails from the 2×4’s that came from those walls. It was the early sixties and Doug’s dad believed in re-use and recycle. He even made those boys straighten the nails to be re-used again. The re-use concept was planted in Doug’s mind early.

By the time Doug was 18 his dad decided to build his dream home on the lake. Doug was recruited to help with that project and did everything from framing to drywall. One particular memory that stands out for Doug was roofing in February. He warmed the shingles in the garage with a space heater and then ran them around the house and up the ladder to the roof. From there he attempted to nail them on before they iced over.

Doug’s dad was fearless when it came to fixing things. He would just tear things apart to see “what the problem was.” Doug inherited that same inclination to start fixing things that were broken. Because he learned this from his dad, he always thought this was something every boy knew how to do. But Doug was dead wrong on that one.

After Doug married and had two children, he and his wife decided to have their first home built for them. It was a nice quiet little subdivision. After they moved in, Doug began to add a deck onto the back of the house. The hammer sounds brought three guys around the side of the house to see what he was up to. It didn’t take long in that subdivision for Doug to find out that not all boys were blessed like he was to have a dad that loved to tear things apart and fix them. Doug learned that not all men had that same fearlessness. Over the next 20 years, those same men began to come to Doug looking for advice on how to fix stuff.

Later Doug’s professional career led him into the role of Executive Director of the local Home Builder Association. In that position over a ten-year period, he met and worked with many developers, contractors, home builders, remodelers and tradesman. This expanded his knowledge of the construction industry, as well as the latest building techniques and materials. During those years he organized home shows, the Parade of Homes, and many other activities for the contractors.

Doug’s depth of knowledge and experience has prepared him well to launch Lansing Handyman Service. He has personally gone through two house builds, lots of remodeling, painting, plumbing, electrical and HVAC projects of his own. In addition, he’s done everything from car repairs to rebuilding washing machines, to changing out toilets, locks, filters, light bulbs and more. He’s pulled cable for computers, home security, and sound systems through attics and crawl spaces. In short, there are few home improvements that he has not done.

After talking with dozens of contractors, builders, remodelers, retired folks, single moms and others, Doug consistently heard a few things. First, contractors don’t want to deal with the little things—the jobs that take a day or less. Second, people are busy, don’t know who to call, don’t know who to trust, and when they do try to call someone, no one calls them back. Doug’s conclusion: there is a huge need for reliable, trustworthy handyman services and someone should fill it.

So, Lansing Handyman Service LLC was launched. The main focus is on the small stuff. If Doug can’t fix it himself, he knows who to call to help you get it done.

One other thing… He is licensed and insured.

So glad we called Lansing Handyman Service.

Very professional, meticulous job. Had new railings added to front porch, insulated cantalliever, repair closet door and a couple other repairs. Doug did an excellent job. We couldn't be happier with his work. We have already scheduled our next job.

Janice S.


Doug at Lansing Handyman Service LLC is wonderful.

He’s upfront about cost, arrives on time, and does quality work! He has done several services for us, including: porch railing installations, caulking around windows and posts, and building a custom deck handrail to match an existing rail style. Each was done with care and attention to detail. Couldn’t be happier with his work!

Kate S.


Doug was on time and did great work.

He did some drywall repair/painting, repaired a damaged drop ceiling, and replaced a bathroom exhaust fan. After getting the exhaust fan installed, Doug noticed it wasn’t moving air properly, so he went up in the attic and discovered the exhaust pipe was completely clogged up. He went and got a replacement pipe to make sure the job was done properly. I will definitely be calling Doug next time I need any work done around the house.

Rick C.


Did the work expected for the exact price quoted.

Showed up early. Good communication as I have very large dogs to put away. Did the work expected for the exact price quoted. Completely cleaned up when work was finished.

Dennis S.


Doug at Lansing Handyman Service finished the project with high-quality work

After 30 years in our house, a set of wooden stairs and one of the large steps on our wood deck needed to be rebuilt because of aging and rot. Doug at Lansing Handyman Service was response, precisely on time, and finished the project with high-quality work, creativity, and exactly when he said he would at a fair price. We offer our strong and enthusiastic recommendation and will be using them again in the spring for a couple other projects.

Roger M.


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