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Generally, Lansing Handyman Service provides minor repairs and maintenance within a 10 to 15 mile radius around Lansing, Michigan. We can go farther–if you insist. But, if we do, we will charge more for that due to the extra mileage. If you are outside of that radius and want help, there is no harm in asking. Submit the form and we will let you know.

Listed below are some of the areas we serve.

Cities We Service Near Lansing

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We Do The Little Things…That No One Wants To Do!

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It may seem quicker to call. But, here’s the deal: I usually DON’T answer the phone. The reason? First, it’s just me. I am a self-employed guy trying to help a lot of people every day. Second, if I answered every call, I wouldn’t have time to do the work. Third, there is more information you will need to know, in order to decide if you want to work with me…things like my rates, how I work, how far out I am scheduling, etc.

The good news is that I am responsive. I review all the requests at the end of the day. Everyone gets some kind of response. If the work is not something I do, I will let you know quickly by email. If it fits what I do, I will schedule an estimate on a Saturday to give you an estimate.

Once you submit the form, be sure to review the response on the “Thank You” page and/or the return email on “How We Work.”

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