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Interior Repairs Service

If you need repair services in the greater Lansing Michigan area, Lansing Handyman Service is ready to help. We understand that homes have doors that need replacement or faucets that need to be replaced, not to mention light fixtures that need to be changed. We also know that homeowners are busy. Additionally, many contractors do not want to deal with the small home repairs that everyone needs. That’s where Lansing Handyman Service comes in.

We’re not afraid to undertake your smallest project, even those that only take an hour or so. That’s what we do. Our professionals are equipped with tools and the know-how to “git-er-done” quickly!

From paint touch-ups to changing furnace filters, we do ALL the small stuff. We will repair or replace whatever is buggin’ you to no end. Our services include all of the little things that other contractors don’t want to do, because they’re too busy.

If you are not sure who to call for the little things around your home, inside or out, that need repaired, give us a call. Our Handyman Service can help you get those things off your to-do list in a big hurry.

Lansing Handyman Service is here for you.

Call Us today: 517-599-8154.

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