Toilet Repairs & Replacement

We Do The Small Stuff…

Welcome to Lansing Handyman Service, your best choice for thorough toilet repairs and replacements. We know the significance of having a well-functioning toilet for the smooth operation of your house. Allow us to deal with your plumbing difficulties with skill and accuracy

Efficiency in Each Flush!

Our services are designed to address all your toilet-related needs, offering you peace of mind with reliable and swift repair and replacement solutions. Whether it’s a leaking seal or replacement, Lansing Handyman Service stands ready to ensure your bathroom’s plumbing operates at its best.

What’s Included in Our Service?

Toilet repair

Toilet replacement

oilet seat replacement

Toilet flapper replacement

Toilet flange replacement

Toilet flange repair

And any other services you might need to keep your bathroom in perfect condition. 


Why choose us for Toilet Repairs & Replacement?

Expert Repairs
We tackle all repair jobs with utmost precision, from minor leaks to persistent clogs. We aim to fix issues promptly, reduce water wastage, and prevent future problems.
Comprehensive Replacements
Whether you’re upgrading for efficiency or necessity, we offer a range of high-quality toilet models suited for every budget and bathroom style.
Advanced Technology
Utilizing the latest plumbing technologies, we ensure a seamless and efficient repair or replacement process, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.
Prompt and Reliable Service
We understand the inconvenience caused by toilet malfunctions. That’s why we prioritize speedy service without compromising on quality, striving to restore your bathroom’s functionality swiftly.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
At Lansing Handyman Service, your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our work with guarantees on services and products, ensuring peace of mind for our clients

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Don’t let toilet troubles disrupt your daily life. Contact Lansing Handyman Service for a free estimate on your toilet repairs and replacement needs. Whether you’re dealing with frequent clogs or leaks or need a full toilet replacement, our team offers cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Transform Your Home, One Repair at a Time

Contact Lansing Handyman Service for Toilet Repairs & Replacement to start improving your home’s comfort and functionality.