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Welcome to Landing Handyman Service, where safety meets style in the comfort of your bathroom. If stepping over a bathtub rim feels like a hurdle, our tub cut solutions are designed to provide easy, walk-in access. Perfect for seniors or anyone with mobility challenges, our services are crafted to enhance the functionality and safety of your bathroom without compromising on aesthetics.

Want to know how we do it?

We specialize in converting your existing bathtub into a walk-in shower, minimizing disruption and maximizing comfort. Our professional team ensures a swift and efficient transformation, typically completed within a day. Here’s what we can offer:

  • Custom Tub Modifications: We customize the cut to fit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring it complements the overall design of your bathroom.
  • High-Quality Safety Features: Add safety bars, non-slip flooring, and other features that enhance security and accessibility.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Our solutions are not just functional but also beautifully integrate with your existing bathroom decor. Choose finishes and colors that blend seamlessly with your interior.

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Better  Bathroom Mobility with Our Professional Tub Cut Solutions

Your safety and accessibility are top priority at our expert Tub Cut services. Designed for individuals facing mobility challenges, our tub cuts transform your existing bathtub into a convenient walk-in shower. This modification allows for easy access, reducing the risk of slips and falls associated with traditional tubs. Our professional team is committed to delivering high-quality, precise cuts that integrate seamlessly with your bathroom’s existing aesthetics. With our Tub Cut solutions, you gain peace of mind and independence in your daily routine, ensuring your bathroom is a safe, accessible space for everyone in your household. By choosing our services, you’re not just making your bathroom more accessible; you’re enhancing your quality of life with dignity and comfort.

Our tub cut services are designed to restore functionality and safety to your bathroom, making your daily routine easier and safer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our services to meet your needs and enhance your quality of life.


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