Exterior doors get a lot of use. If they face the sun wind and rain, they get a lot of abuse from the weather. Between the weather and the use, they get tired and worn out. Then, it’s usually time to replace them.

The replacement of an exterior door is most often a one day project. The general procedure is to remove the trim on the inside and the trim on the outside and pull the whole thing out—jambs and all.

Once the rough opening is cleaned and cleared of nails and other things that might be in the way, a pre-hung door is put in its place and the trim put back on.

Exterior doors usually come in two types: metal insulated and fiberglass insulated. There is not a huge difference between the metal and fiberglass. Both are typically well insulated and function pretty much the same. They keep the weather out and seal up fine when installed properly.

Customers are encouraged to shop for the door style and price range they prefer and coordinate delivery and scheduling with the installer. Doors come in lots of styles with/without windows, as well as lots of choices in colors and finishes.

Choosing a reliable installer is important. You want someone who will take their time to insure that the new door is plumb all the way around. Otherwise, it will not seal up properly. Patience is the key and shimming the door jambs where needed must be done. You do not want an installer that will be in a hurry and cut corners. You want a door installed properly so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Shopping for doors can be done at all the big box stores as well as lumber companies. You should choose a supplier with a good name and reliable reviews. When reading the reviews, remember the installer can make a difference. A good quality door that is poorly installed is not the fault of the door manufacturer.

Lansing Handyman Service LLC in Lansing Michigan installs exterior doors throughout the year.