Having been a Handyman for several years now, I am beginning to feel like I have “heard it all.” When you are in the field like I am every day you hear stuff. And I hear a lot. I hear all the ways that other “handymen” (and women for that matter,) rip people off.

The most common scam I hear on a regular basis, raises the hair on the back of my neck. I always wonder ‘who are these people?’

They pose as a handyman, show up at your house and promise to do the work.

They promise everything from repairs to remodeling. The larger the job the better. The reason is: ‘they need to buy the product,’ before they can do any work. So ‘they need a down payment.’ You know what happens next? You guessed it. They take money from you for that down payment, and you never hear from them again. When you try to call them later, their phone is out of service!

It’s kind of beyond me to understand all of this. Probably because for me, I try to do things right: Return calls, show up on time and do what I promise. Those three things are what we used to call customer service. Maybe I’m an old timer, but I think people still want customer service.

The handyman scammers give our industry a bad reputation.

Remodelers and builders usually rank near the bottom of the surveys for reliability. I encourage people to first, read all the reviews you can, try to get a referral from someone you trust and even ask to see the person’s builder’s license. Any handyman who charges more than $600 for anything done in Michigan should have a license. That is the law.

There are other complaints I hear a lot. Like: phone calls don’t get returned, people never show up when they say they will, etc. These are all just bad business practices. Most of the time, these just cause you frustration. Thankfully, they don’t always cost you money. Reliability is important in this industry.

The problem is most of the bad guys are not licensed, and their unsuspecting victims are trying to get “a good deal” and purchase work on the cheap.

My response is: “Speed, Quality, Price, pick two!” You can’t have all three. Someone that is offering you something for half the price and good quality, tomorrow, is probably lying to you.

We are living in a time when you must shop wisely and ask a lot of questions before you get out your check book. Lansing Handyman Service LLC is licensed with all the insurances and does not ask for deposits before doing repairs on your home. LansingHandyman.com serves the greater Lansing, Michigan area.

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