It’s a fact. We are a nation of aging folks. And grab bars are something that most of us will need as we grow older. When should you install them? It depends.

Some folks install them before they need them because they want to feel secure in their homes right now. Most often, people want grab bars in the bathroom. The shower is the most requested location. It’s nice to have grab bars in a location that will be slippery when wet. The next most requested location is at the back door coming from the garage.

From the garage to the house is usually a two step up proposition. As people age, they want to feel confident they will make it up those two steps without a hindrance from week knees.

The third most requested location is in the bathroom next to the toilet. That makes sense. We want to be able to get back up once we sit down. And grab bars securely installed supply that confidence.

Grab bars can easily be installed in all of these locations: Back door, showers and bathrooms.

Lansing Handyman can even install grab bars in fiberglass showers. Our method finds the stud behind the fiberglass and uses special equipment and fasteners to secure the grab bar to the shower wall. It doesn’t matter if there is a gap between the shower wall and the wall behind it.

Grab bars come in a variety of sizes. They range from 12-15” up to 24-36.” Colors and finishes are another option. The most popular grab bars are either chrome or polished nickel.

Whether you are waiting until you need grab bars or want to install them before you need them, Lansing Handyman Service can assist. We install grab bars in older homes as well as newer homes from Grand Ledge to Williamston, and from St. Johns to Mason. Visit for more information, today!