Any time of year is a good time of year to seal up the cracks in your home. In winter you are keeping the warm in and the cold out. In summer, it is just the opposite. Keep the cool in and the warm out.

Separating extreme differences in temperature is important. Why? Because where the two temperatures meet, moisture forms. When moisture forms, it rots wood surfaces and is hard on your painted surfaces. Plus, the moisture can be a nuisance on the inside of your home if you must wipe it up every day. So a weather tight home is a comfortable home.

Here are three tips for where and how to tighten up your home.

First, always inspect around doors and windows. Because they must open and close, there will be gaps, cracks and spaces around them. Those gaps give them room to move. But when they close, you want the gaps to become somewhat air tight. This is where weatherstripping comes in. Lots of windows and doors are manufactured with weatherstrip seals.

You will want to inspect these seals to see if they are dried out and cracking. If they are made of vinyl, they will have a life expectancy of five to ten years. The life of those seals can be longer or shorter depending on your locale and the position of your home relative to the sun. If the seals are dried out and cracked, contact the manufacturer and arrange to get some replacements. They usually slide or snap into place around the edges of the sash or the glazing.

A second thing to inspect will be cracks in the wood trim around your doors and windows. Cracks not only allow drafts but also allow moisture to seep in and rot the wood. The most effective way to seal up those cracks is with a quality grade of caulk. On the exterior you will want to use a caulk that is oil based. Oil based caulks stand up better to the weather. They come in lots of colors. So, you should be able to use an exterior caulk that matches the color of your trim.

This third tip is for folks with older homes. Often times on aging homes the manufacturer of doors and windows are no longer in existence. If that is the case, you may be able to choose and after-market weather stripping to fill the gaps around your doors or windows. Although these are not always as visually attractive as the original equipment, they are still very effective in filling gaps. They come in peel and stick versions as well as nail/screw on types.

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