Electricity can be a scary thing. But, it doesn’t have to be. When light fixtures are not working it is usually one of maybe two or three things that have gone wrong.

First, is the light plugged in? Or, if it is a light fixture on the wall or the ceiling. Is it getting electricity? In other words, if the fixture is not lighting up, we first need to be sure that the electricity is on and going to the fixture.

Another common issue is related to the bulb/lamp. Has the bulb burned out? LED bulbs do go bad just like the traditional bulbs went bad. So if your lamp or fixture is not lighting, even though the bulb is good and it is getting electricity, the next thing to check is the switch.

Wall switches and lamp switches usually get a lot of use over the years. They get tired and wear out. Then, they break. When they break they need to be replaced. However switches that are “built in” to fixtures cannot always be replaced. In those cases, you will need to replace the entire fixture.

A typically common problem that Lansing Handyman Service runs into involves light fixtures with a bulb that screws in. If the light bulb has been changed lots of times over many years, the little tab that bulb makes contact with gets pushed down so low in the socket that the new bulb is not touching it. In that case, you can unplug the lamp, or shut off the power to the light fixture and correct the problem. All it takes is a pair of needle nose pliers. You reach into the socket with the pliers and carefully bend the tab back up to its normal position. Screw the bulb back in and turn on the power once again. Many times, that is the only problem and you do not need to replace the fixture.

Another thing that can occur over time that causes problems is bad wiring. Wiring connections come loose, move around and become disconnected. In addition, the insulation can dry out, crack and shorts can occur. These are usually more serious problems that can cause fires.

If you are not sure who to call, it is best to start with an electrician. Lansing Handyman Service LLC is NOT a licensed electrician. We only cover the basics. But we can help you troubleshoot and point you to reliable professional help if it is above our pay grade. Find out more at Lansing Handyman Service. We service residential homeowners throughout the Lansing, Michigan area as well as Mason, Williamston and DeWitt, Michigan.