Winter is coming soon. Here in Michigan as we enter the Fall season, we know that it doesn’t last long. Everything turns cold in a big hurry. The next thing you know…SNOW is falling!

Here are four things you will want to do before we begin to have freezing nights. Freezing means the temperature outside begins to dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

First, disconnect your garden hoses.

This will prevent the water from freezing up into your outside spigot. If you have an inside shut off on those spigots, it’s a good idea to shut those off to on the inside (usually in the basement,) then re-open the outside spigot so that water can drain out. It will also create an air space inside the spigot so that any water that is still in there has room to expand if freezing occurs.

Doing these things will prevent a surprise in the spring when you turn everything back on. I have seen spigots that froze up and burst inside the wall. That is not a pretty sight!

Second, I like to cover up the air conditioning unit on the outside of the home.

This will prevent snow an water from sitting on the fan motor and speeding along rust and deterioration of the unit. Research has shown that those who cover up their unit get a few more years of life out of it and lower maintenance costs.

Third, bring in all of the lawn furniture.

If you don’t have a place to bring it in like a shed or garage for storage in the winter, try to cover it. Protecting your lawn furniture from the winter weather will extend the life of the furniture. Not everyone has a place to store things through the winter. But it is well worth it if you have a way to do it.

The fourth thing to prepare for winter is to change out all of your windows from screens to storm windows.

Most of the time this is as easy as sliding the windows and screens up and down if you have double hung windows. Installing all of your storm windows will make your home just a bit more energy efficient. When the winter winds come howling around, you’re less apt to feel that breeze blowing across your living room in the middle of winter.

You probably have lots of other things on your list for winter prep—like closing a pool, or getting the snow blower ready, digging out your sweaters, etc. One way or another winter will be here before you know it. It’s best to get ready now.

If you have repairs that need to be done before the snow flies in Lansing Michigan, can help. But, you need to get a request in soon. The schedule fills quickly as we approach cold weather.