Wooden fences always require maintenance. In Michigan, we experience a fair amount of rain, especially in the Spring. Sometimes, we move right from winter thaws into lots of rain fall. This makes for a lot of wet soggy ground in early Spring. That wet ground is always working on rotting wooden posts at the ground level.

The particular problem area is right where the post enters into the ground. That is where rotting begins.

You would think that the posts would not rot if they are treated. Above the ground and below the ground, they do not rot. The rot usually occurs right at the ground level where the post is continually wet. After some number of years the water, the wind, the temperature and the sunlight take its toll—even on a treated wood post. Then, when those northern winds blow in against the fence, the post gives way.

Sometimes, the adjacent posts are strong enough to hold up the panels up and you don’t notice the broken post. But, over time with wind and rain, the post will begin to lean further and further. That’s when you notice it.

There are usually two options for repairing a post that has broken off at the ground. One is to dig the post out and replace it with an identical wood post. This is the most expensive option due to the amount of work involved. Most of the time, the posts have been mounted in concrete and are very difficult and heavy to dig out.

Another option is to install a galvanized chain link end post near the broken post. Then brackets designed for attaching wood fencing to the round posts are used to pull the fence over and attach it. This repair is less time and money and is more secure than wood that rots. If it is not critical that your fence “look perfect,” this is a repair that chosen quite often.

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